Tire Brands - Michelin and Bridgestone

The tire market makes a number of different brands and models available to consumers. However, it is a fact that you cannot play when choosing new “shoes” for your car. After all, they directly influence occupant safety, as well as vehicle performance and fuel consumption.

Below we have selected the top tire brands for passenger cars and utility vehicles, taking into account the most traditional brands and also the reports of owners. Check out the main ones below:


The Bridgestone is undoubtedly one of the best known tire brands in the domestic market and also in the rest of the world. Of Japanese origin, the company positions itself as one of the largest in the business and has a line of tires for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles and even off-road machinery.

Currently, Bridgestone's range of tires for cars, SUVs and pickups has the Potenza lines (which focus on performance), Turanza (which values ​​safety and comfort), Ecopia (which helps to save fuel and Dueler ( exclusive for pickups, crossovers and SUVs).

Prices vary according to the size and type of the tire, but the most affordable of the brand is around R $ 280, in this case a 185/70 R14 tire of the Turanza line for models like Renault Sandero and Logan. Among the most expensive, there is a Potenza 275/35 R19 run flat, for about R $ 2,500.


Michelin, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the tire segment in Brazil and is also one of the leaders in the world market. The French company produces tires for passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, machines, cargo vehicles, airplanes, among others. Here, Michelin markets tires, inner tubes and protectors and exports its products to other markets in the South American continent.

Among the highlights, there is the Primacy line, which offers greater traction on dry or wet roads and also a shorter braking distance - it positions itself as one of the safest tires ever produced. Energy manages to adapt the vehicle to small irregularities in the tread and offers more grip.

The prices of Michelin tires range from R $ 290 to R $ 2,260, this one from the Latitude Sport 3 line of dimensions 295/35 R21, suitable for high performance SUVs.

So, what's the best brand?

Defining the best tire brand is as complicated as saying that an “X” vehicle manufacturer is the best for several reasons. In fact, many owners define some brands as the best ones simply because they meet their needs, which is a very valid thing. For additional information and guides read Bridgestone Vs Michelin blog.

However, there are still some brands that are at the tip of consumer preferences. One of them is Michelin, which is most often seen as the best, mainly because of the resistance, although they are not that cheap - durability, however, ends up justifying the price.

There are also other excellent brands, such as Pirelli, especially for high performance cars, and Goodyear. And for you, what is the best tire brand?